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Harrison County  
​Gem and Mineral Society
This organization was created for
(a) pursuing interests in the lapidary arts and crafts;
(b) educational and scientific purposes;
(c) aiding and assisting individuals, associations and other groups engaged in furthering one or more of such purposes and;
(d) in general, to promote education and popular interest in the subjects of rocks and gems with special emphasis upon the cultural values of such projects and to sponsor and provide means of coordinating the work and effort of all persons and groups interested therein.

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Meetings are held at the Herbert Wilson Community Center every third Saturday throughout the calendar year.

Next Meeting is 5/16/15​​
Directions to the Meeting Site

From Pass Road

​Turn south onto Courthouse Road.  At the Hancock Bank turn west to the dead end. You will see the White Building directly in front of you.​​  HCGMS meets on the south (left) side of the building through the gates.

From Hwy 90:

Turn North on Courthouse​​ Road.  At the Hancock Bank turn west (left) and follow  above instructions.
Tomsey and Fred W. longtime members of HCGMS are responsible for the beautiful natural gemstone and silver inlay and wire work in the picture above.  Their work is outstanding!
Have you ever seen the Praying Mantis hatch?
​ At the 2014 HCGMS ANNUAL SHOW, those present at the time were fortunate to see an act of nature, that they had not seen before.  A member brought in a petrified log from her yard and in just a little while.  One of Mother Natures miracles began to take place and became the focal point of the show for a time.
A display booth with Praying Mantis babies hatching as we watched in May 2014 in Gulfport
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